A forbidden friendship. Two worlds colliding. Blood and Magic.

When Jamie returns to London at the behest of his older sibling, he does not expect to run into a princess, let alone the youngest daughter of the newly crowned King of the Fae. The innocent Dani is looking for excitement, fun and a little darkness. The sinful Jamie cannot resist the call. The problem? Gavin doesn’t want him anywhere near Dani. Not when there is unrest in both the vampire and the fae communities.

As Jamie and Dani form a fast friendship, one fateful night changes everything. Dani is caught between loyalty to her people and her relationship with the playful, flirtatious vampire. And Jamie isn’t about to let the fae girl who sets his world ablaze out of his sights.

How far are they willing to go for each other? And what happens when Gavin and King Mitah discover the forbidden friendship between the princess and the vampire?