Banished from Heaven. An angel, a girl and the devil himself. The Darkness is coming for them all.

Discovering your boyfriend is cheating is one way to ruin your evening. With nowhere to go after Alice storms out of her shared flat with Jason, she winds up on a park bench. The man next to her seems surprised she can see him. His beauty takes her breath away. When he informs her, he's Azrael, the Archangel of Death, Alice’s night turns from bad to weird.

After an attempted kidnapping by a demon, Alice realises she's in danger. Lucifer wants her dead. Azrael promises safety, but at what cost? He hates humans and his tendency to read her mind drives her insane. There’s something sad yet alluring about the archangel who has spent hundreds of years on Earth, alone. Alice can’t help but want to discover what lies beneath his hard shell. And she’s sure he knows far more than he’s letting on about her ability to see angels.

Will Lucifer get his hands on Alice? And why was Azrael exiled from Heaven in the first place?