Three mixed with four. The captive became an ally. Who will break first?

It started when they betrayed me. The ones who I’d come to trust. The ones I was starting to love.

My world flipped upside down and nothing is as it seems. Everything was unravelling before my eyes, tearing us apart whilst pulling us closer together.

I’m caught between two worlds. The one I grew up in and the one I’d started to forge with the boys. Everything came to a grinding halt when long hidden secrets came to light. The truth changed the rules and made us realise nothing in life is ever as it seems.

Sometimes the only way out of a situation is through. Never before had been truer when it came to the five of us and our future together.

Did we have a future? Or was everything too much for us to handle? The pieces were starting to fit together, but there’s always something holding us back. My family. My loyalty. My duty. And whether to throw it away or stand and fight by their sides.