A head chef. His assistant. And a night of fiery passion.

I’ve had a crush on my incredibly hot, terrifying and unobtainable boss since long before I even started working under him. My daydreams are filled with dirty fantasies about him as there’s no chance any of them will become reality. Because you really shouldn't mix business with pleasure.

Until you do.

The moment Lucien Dumont, outstanding chef and owner of Haze, set his piercing blue grey eyes and skilled hands on me, everything changed.

One night sparked the flame between us and now I'm helpless against the wildfire flaring in his eyes. My body craves to be engulfed, but my heart yearns for something out of reach. Something impossible for a Chef de Partie to expect from her boss.

Yet a question torments me. Does Lucien want the same thing I do? Whatever the answer, I have a choice to make: stand the heat and stay in the kitchen or walk away and get burnt?