A judge. His sister’s childhood best friend. And an unforgettable connection.

Starting a new job is always nerve-wracking. So is finding out you’re going to be working with the man you spent your entire childhood pining after. It’s been twelve years since I laid eyes on my next-door neighbour. Twelve years of thinking I’d got over him. Twelve years of thinking I’d never see him again.

Too bad those twelve years did nothing to dull my innate fascination with this man.

Adrian Sanders was always out of bounds. Seven years older than me and my best friend’s brother. He was never meant to be mine.

When we see each other again, it becomes very clear the attraction between us was never just one sided. Adrian is determined to have me. And I can’t help but let him.

Can we navigate this new relationship as adults? Or will it all fall apart when our secrets from the past are forced out into the open?