Hell is closed for business. And the Devil is about to meet his match.

The King of Hell is having a bad year. The gates to his kingdom are sealed. His demons are restless. And when Candace, a half fae girl, drops out of a portal on top of him, she complicates matters further. Not only is she not supposed to be in Hell, she proves to be feisty, fearless and undeniably tempting.

Candace is furious at Jax, her best friend, for landing her in Hell. Lucifer, the original fallen angel, has a way of driving her crazy. And the biggest problem of all? He wants her and her secrets. Ones she must keep at all costs. With only a few months left until her birthday and family duty looming over her head, she has to find a way to go home. And she most definitely cannot fall in deep with the Devil.

Will they find a way to reopen the Gates of Hell? And will Lucifer discover who Candace really is before it’s too late?