His Detachment. My Liability. Our Catastrophe.

If I had an Achilles heel, it would go by the name of Duke Scott.
The boy I’d grown up with. The boy who never let me down. The boy I’d been in love with since we were kids. My best friend.

One horrifying event changed the course of our friendship. It set us on a path of reckless destruction. Each of us daring the other to go further. To do things we never imagined.
What started as a childhood game turned into our very own nightmare.
One we couldn’t escape.
Until he pulled the rug out from underneath me.
And left me all alone in the dark.

There are some traumatic experiences you can’t come back from. There’s only so much a person can take until they snap. When it all became too much, he walked away.
Duke Scott should have been my best friend for life. Instead, our dares caught up with us. And we can never go back to the way we were again.