His Pursuit. My Denial. Our Collision.

You could say Cole Carter was single-minded in his desires and needs. When he saw something he wanted, he went after it. And the thing he wanted most in this world was me.

Trust had never come easy. Perhaps that’s why when he pursued me, I refused to entertain the idea of letting him in.
Why would I allow a boy two years younger than me access to my secrets and insecurities? Why would I give him those parts of me I’d kept locked away?
The answer is simple.
He never took no for an answer. He wormed his way inside my soul, infecting me with his entire being. And I was lost from the moment he set his sights on me.

Our path was littered with broken promises and deceit. Even through all the heartache and the world fighting to break us apart, I thought we would survive the storm. Only now I realise that was all a fantasy. The boy I thought would give me everything. Well, he left me with nothing at all.