The Cardinal Transgressions

Horrific murders in the Vatican. Satanic forces are spreading their insidious tentacles into the very heartland of the Catholic church.

The battle lines are drawn. An unwitting DI Seamus Gallway is drafted in to solve the crimes. Can Seamus and his band of heroes take up the gauntlet and stop the slaughter of innocents? Have they even got the resources to do their job?

In a series of escalating events, the criminals seek to kill the investigation dead. Things get personal for Seamus as mortal danger threatens some of those close to him. A thrilling adrenaline-fuelled rocket ride as one crisis after another leads up to a climactic showdown.

This fantastic sequel to The Mass Murders is a must-read. It takes DI Seamus Gallway and his team on a ripping roller coaster adventure in Rome, in another riveting instalment. Once more, readers will find full-on gritty crime, lots of sex, romance and humour, plus plenty of surprises. They can continue to enjoy the lives of their favourite characters on the front line of crime in the church.

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