The Mass Murders

The Mass Murders by D. R. Bailey

A gunman on the loose in Ireland. Appearing and disappearing like a ghost, but far more deadly. He’s smart, clever, untraceable, uncatchable.

Or is he? DI Seamus Gallway and his heroic band are on the trail. Will they catch the gunman in time to prevent further mayhem? Will they be able to fathom out his true identity? Can they even find him, let alone stop him?

An escalating series of events puts the team under increasing pressure to succeed. Intertwining the case come interpersonal dramas, the return of the parrot, and the continued rise of DI Gallway’s new unit, the Foxcatchers. Will Seamus cope or will it become all too much?

This thrilling sequel takes over from where The Deathbed Confession ended. DI Seamus Gallway returns in the third gripping instalment of his fight against crime in the church. Gritty and once again liberally laced with a touch of romance, sex and humour, this highly entertaining tale features all your favourite characters in another great episode of their continuing story.

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