A contract with Hell. A mischievous witch. Secrets, lies and a little magic.

Discovering her father has made a deal with a demon wasn’t part of Grace’s plans for a Friday night in. When she offers up herself in his place, her father sends her off to track down another demon he thinks can help. Instead, Grace meets Alistair, a witch with piercing blue eyes who takes an interest in her little problem. With only two months left before her soul is dragged to Hell, Grace agrees to work with him in exchange for his help.

Alistair’s constant teasing and proximity sends her into a tailspin. He may have rescued her best friend from a fairy, but she doesn’t fully trust the playful witch. When the secrets surrounding why her mother left when she was a baby threaten to surface, Grace discovers Alistair isn’t quite what he seems. And neither is she.

Will the secrets threaten to tear them apart? And what has her father been keeping from her all these years?