D.R. Bailey was raised in a family of bibliophiles. From an early age, he developed eclectic tastes in fiction including Sci-Fi, Romance, Crime, and the Classics. Some of his favourite authors remain, Gerald Durrell, Jane Austen, Peter James, Ellis Peters, and Isaac Asimov. At the age of eleven, he wrote his first fictional story about his toy teddy bear clan. Since then he has gone on to have some of his non-fiction article published in magazines, published a fictional crime series and a courtroom drama series. He has engaged in several different careers and says that these life experiences have all contributed greatly to his penchant for storytelling.

Bailey has now penned five full-length crime novels which is a genre he is particularly fond of. The Confessional Killings is the first of a series containing a heady mix of crime, suspense, humour, romance, sex, fetishes and much more. Bailey has also tackled some controversial and topical subjects surrounding the Catholic Church in this story. The stories are set in Ireland, and Bailey confesses to having a great affection for the Irish. Bailey has also published The Innocent Killing, The Tainted Star and One Deadly Shot featuring a fictional barrister in Dublin called Bernadette Mackenna. This new series is a spicy mix of courtroom drama and same-sex romance. When asked why he started writing the books, Bailey said it was a story that needed to be told and one he would want to read himself.

Both DI Gallway Investigates and Bernadette Mackenna InvestigatesĀ are set to continue for many more books to come. Bailey is dedicated to excellence and writes with passion but at the same time tries to make his words accessible to those of all persuasions, often shocking perhaps, but never dull.

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